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  • CaliberTec™ presents the highest caliber candidates. Before we submit a candidate we are prepared to interview them with a technical resource who has more than fifteen(15) years of industry experience. It is our position to make certain your time is not wasted interviewing people who cannot fill the position. We take pride in the people we submit, so that you can relax knowing they are competent staff.
  • We specialize only two major spaces. Data Center and Infrastructure personnel. There are plenty of information technologies within these two titles, including but not limited to: Linux/Windows, Infrastructure Networking/Data Center Networking, Big Data, Database, Storage, SAN, Virtualization(VMware/OpenStack/more), Blade Server/Center/UCS, Security(CISSP) and more.
  • We are small and agile agency. Our size allows us to turn on a dime. At the same time, we log account activity daily so that we are able to withstand the ups and downs of our associate’s lives. But we safeguard your position with high levels of communication within our office.
  • Because many of our associates themselves have more than fifteen years minimum in the industry, we are able to help write and rewrite any job description with any manager or tech lead. From the start you will appreciate CaliberTec™’s professionalism and experience in the technology.
  • Monthly performance review meeting to include both CaliberTec™’s and our contractor’s performance. We will solicit your feedback for modification where appropriate. Monthly updates concerning laws and issues that effect the client and the contractor. This meeting can be opted out on a monthly basis. (We recommend against this.)
  • We will quietly and privately complete out placement services for your personnel, free of charge. We will use our complete network to move quickly as desired.