CaliberTec Talent Solutions

ServerRoom-webCaliberTec™ is expert at helping solve problems that surface around data center, infrastructure, and IT security challenges.  From Networking to Virtualization to Information Security we are available to assist our clients with their IT solutions.

Whether you need a one-time consultation or need us to help you staff a full project, CaliberTec™ is up to the challenge.  Our team has over two decades of hands-on experience in the areas of IT, Security, and Human Capital.  We are committed to helping you solve both your short-term project challenges and long-term corporate goals.

By utilizing team members that know end-to-end solutions, you get a team that can identify and solve problems faster by understanding the whole picture. We offer multiple options for you to bridge the gaps in your organizational plans!  From adding a one-time contractor or helping you build a team of FTEs, CaliberTec™ can assist you in securing the right talent resource for your corporate needs.

Contract to Hire Placements

Often both the client and the contractor want to gauge the relationship If you would like to gauge the new hire, as many do, we provide temp-to-perm placements. We do this because both the contractor and the perspective employer want to time to get to know one another. We offer both 6 months and on e year contracts that convert to full time employees(FTE). These are two industry favorites but we will broker the release for any period both the contractor and client agree upon.

Direct Hire Placements

We augment your HR and Staffing divisions by providing permanent placement solutions. Working closely with your technical and program leaders, we assess, evaluate, and dialog about your technical requirements. We conduct in-depth searches, thorough screening, reference checking and employment background investigations for our clients to assist in the prevention of negligent hires. We employ our extensive resources and networking capabilities along with our seasoned recruiting and technical teams in maintaining access to highly skilled, professional candidates.

Contract Consultants – Hit Squad – Surge – Project Placements

People are the driving force behind your corporate operation. The ability to attract and retain the right IT professionals are critical to your success and the company’s competitive advantage. At CaliberTec, we understand that experience matters most. We provide our clients with an alternative to the traditional consulting firm approach helping them succeed through a variety of operational challenges.

Whether it is one project consultant or an entire contract IT Hit Squad or Surge support, our approaches can be customized to meet your unique project objectives, our professionals will join your staff to help execute upon your scope of work. And if you are interested in continuing a more permanent relationship with them, we can transition our high performers to permanent employee status with your team.

Simple Invoicing and Payroll Management

CaliberTec is the legal employer of the consultants we provide. To that end, we invoice you for a singular or multiple talent resources augmenting your team. We administer all payroll taxes as well as unemployment, disability, health, and worker’s compensation insurance. CaliberTec interviews all consultants and conducts thorough reference checks and employment background investigations before an assignment commences.

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