About CaliberTec™

Your Trusted Partner in Building a Strong IT Backbone

Tired of juggling IT headaches and a talent shortage?

CaliberTec™ is here to be your one-stop shop for all your data center and infrastructure needs. We're a North Carolina company founded in 2014, and we've seen the IT landscape evolve. That's why we've honed our expertise to become the premier headhunters for this critical field.

We know the power of the right people. Because at CaliberTec™, we believe people are the heart of every successful IT project. That's why we connect you with top-tier technologists who can manage your infrastructure, so you can focus on running your business.

Think of us as your IT guardian angels. We're a managed services and consulting firm with a laser focus on network infrastructure, data centers, and cybersecurity. We've got a proven track record serving the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina areas, and we deliver solutions nationwide.

Our secret weapon? Deep industry knowledge. We understand both the IT infrastructure landscape and the ever-changing job market. This lets us help you achieve your business goals while building a strong, optimized IT team.

At CaliberTec™, you'll find more than just tech experts. We're a team that's passionate about delivering exceptional results for your organization. Collaboration is our middle name, and we build long-term partnerships with our clients, not just one-off transactions.

Ready to take your IT infrastructure to the next level? CaliberTec™ offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, from project staffing and team augmentation to expert consulting. We've got you covered, no matter your IT needs.