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Infrastructure / Data Center / Virtualization

We are a Data Center, Linux, Networking, Virtualization Recruiting Head Hunter Agency

We find the talent you need for operations regardless. We are IT Staffing and Data Center Head Hunters.

Why work with us

We firmly believe it takes one to know one and we have decades of experience, individually. Our objective is to find the technical support staff or human capital you need to move your project forward. The hardest part of a new or existing contract can be simply staffing. Let us handle this for your team.

We Are A search/recruitment Agency

One Consult At A Time

Help us understand what you need and we will find the person you are looking for in short order. We service a narrow group. We focus on personnel in the data center, so cyber security, system security services, database administrator, Linux administrators, network administrators and engineers. virtualization engineers, information security and many others.

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Staffing An Entire Team

We are able to staff one at a time, or an entire functional team. The larger the team the larger the discount. We only need your technical requirements to get started and then we are able to find your human capital.

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We Conduct Technical Interviews

We are also ready to complete initial technical interviews. We have seasoned data center experts that are able to grill applicants before you see their resume

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About Our Team of Recruiters

More than 25 years of experience in Linux, networking and the data center. Also, Cyber Security.

Robert Taylor - Data Center/Linux Engineer, Networking and Virtualization

Focus: Information Technology, Job Requisite, Initial Contact, Executive Search

More than 10 years experience in networking and protocols

ryan robinson - Data Center Engineer and System Security Services, Cyber Security

Focus: Job search for strong candidates, 

the services You’ll Get During Our recruiting Search

You will remain as close to lock step as you like. Status updates are weekly, however as we get closer to the perfect candidate updates may occur more regularly.

Benefit 1: We Provide

Competent/Seasoned candidates. That well be able to move into the position with ease. Human Capital that you can leverage immediately.

Benefit 2: We Conduct

Initial technical interview would have already been completed based on your technical requirements. And you will have access to the audio interview upon request.

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executive head hunter service

executive headhunter agency to take the time to understand its unique culture and requirements, identify potential candidates that match its leadership needs, conduct detailed interviews and reference checks, as well as develop an effective succession plan. The goal of executive head hunting is to find the right fit for your organization. An experienced head hunter can help you source top talent while ensuring that all aspects of the recruitment process are managed professionally and efficiently.

Head hunters provide an invaluable service in helping organizations identify qualified executive-level candidates who otherwise would not be discovered through traditional job postings or industry networking events. With access to powerful databases of both active and passive job seekers, proactive search techniques and a deep understanding of the challenges facing today’s businesses, executive headhunters are skilled at finding qualified people who have the skills and experience to meet a company’s specific needs.

Executive headhunters typically provide recruitment assistance in areas such as: developing job descriptions; sourcing, interviewing and assessing candidate qualifications; conducting background checks; negotiating salary offers; and creating compensation packages. They also offer consulting services to help their clients develop effective recruiting strategies, design effective interviews, create attractive job postings that generate quality responses, and fine-tune their selection process. In addition, executive headhunters can also counsel newly hired executives on transitioning into the organization and managing team dynamics.

Calibertec provides recruitment for data center, linux, networking and virtualization. We are not a staffing agency, we are are recruitment agency. We help you find the right candidate. We do not merely shuffle the resume to you.